Dental Implants – Smile with confidence!

Sustainable tooth replacement solutions in Swindon

Do you suffer the misery of missing teeth? Do you hide your smile for fear of people noticing the gap or gaps in your teeth? Or maybe your dentures are loose and you’re desperate for a way to secure them? Here at The Cottage Dental and Implant Clinic in Wootton Basset near Swindon, we have the answer – dental implants.

Our implant treatments are carried out by Dr. Elmanharawy, a Royal College of Surgeons qualified implant surgeon who has successfully placed over 5000 dental implants in in the last 20 years. Through the combination of Dr. Elmanharawy’s expertise and a dedicated team of dental professionals, we are able to offer impartial advice, effective treatments and exceptional after-care.

So how do dental implants work?

A dental implant takes the place of a natural root and is usually shaped like a screw or a cylinder. A socket is drilled into the target gum area and the implant is then screwed or tapped into position. By achieving close contact with the surrounding bone, we are able to ensure immediate stability which then increases over time as the bone grows. Once fitted, the dental implant provides a strong foundation for crowns, bridges or dentures.

Using dental imaging techniques such as Dental CT Scans and Digital X-Rays we are able to minimise post surgery discomfort and swelling and reduce recovery time. By taking screen images of a patient’s bone, we can pinpoint the exact location where the implant will be placed and therefore cause minimal disruption to the surrounding gum area.

The treatment process involves several stages:

  • Assessment and planning
  • Implant placement
  • Integration period
  • Restorative phase
  • Maintenance

Once the treatment has been successfully completed, an implant should last for many years. It is very important to follow a routine of careful dental hygiene and attend regular checkups to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy.

Alternative Dental Implant Techniques

Sometimes patients may be suitable for alternative procedures such as:

Same Day Implants – During this procedure, patients are able to have a temporary tooth (crown) fitted at the same time as the dental implant placement. If you meet the criteria, this could mean that you walk away with a new smile at the end of one appointment!

Immediate Implants – When a tooth is removed it is sometimes possible to place an implant immediately into the extraction socket. Local bone and surrounding soft tissue will be carefully assessed to ensure suitability.

All-on-Four – This procedure allows the surgeon to place 4 dental implants which will form the foundations for a new set of upper or lower replacement teeth. This process requires several appointments and may involve a temporary change of diet.

As you can see, there are several options available to patients and we will ensure that we find the right one for you. Every treatment plan will be tailored to meet your individual needs. Through thorough screening, assessment and consultation, we aim to give each of our local dental patients from Swindon, Wootton Bassett and the surrounding villages, the smile they’ve always dreamed of.

Would you like more information about dental implants? Why not take a look at our treatment pages and watch our animated videos. If you feel that dental implants could be for you or you want to know more about the treatment process, please give the clinic a call on 01793 855355 or fill in the contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.